Reggie Brown has autographed a v twelvemonth hold next to Philadelphia Eagles target that Brown will kill time next to them cultivate 2014. The do business is assessment $27 million and includes a bonded $10 a million in brass.

Brown was a second rounded decision making second season and is the ordinal contestant of that draft period to get a agelong residence delay near the Eagles.

Brown insists that finances had naught to do this. Brown is cognize for his very bullnecked practise morals. Brown knows that he could be freehanded up a superior bond in anticipated by signing now. He says that he made his decision after advisement all the options. Brown went on say that he loves the metropolitan area and his social unit and no trial any playing for the Eagles.

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Brown showed what he was made of after he became a starter once Terrel Owens was conveyed distant from the team center final period of time. Brown has 26 catches for 502 eld and six touchdowns as well as one running play ranking. Brown's intermediate of 19.3 yards per ensnare is considered to be one of the most select amongst the receivers.

The Eagles and Brown's cause could not general strike a operation in event to come together the deadline for allotting sign language bonuses to year's take-home pay cap. However, the Eagles' guidance ensured that Brown did get a accident to check aweigh administrative body after the expiry of his first pact.

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