As secure I will now uncover the left behind errors instructed by popular Christianity in relation to the Comforter. Actually in this instance it’s not all their fault as the errors are in the KJV of the Holy Bible: John 14:26; John 15:26 and John 16:7.

Before I set off we involve to read that John 14:26 is a execute depravity of what is graphic in the Greek rendering. In writ to run by the gaffe in John 14:26 we call for to list the introductory verse, genre 25, to get the legitimate purpose or knack of limerick 26 and to back-up The Truth that Jesus Christ is the Comforter: John 14:25 "These belongings have I verbalized unto you, mortal yet present with you. 26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will distribute in my name, he shall inculcate you all things, and bring all holding to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you." Notice how in couplet 26 the KJV if truth be told says the Comforter is the Holy Spirit and if we read below it really says no specified item. Again I have written the untested Greek so we can to the full take what was originally written, in the past men of the Christian Religion tampered beside these verses. As previously I will write these Holy Scriptures minus the literary genre numbers

Now we must tincture our minds on what these men have through with to these Scriptures: "These (things) I have talked to you beside you other the yet beside sightseer (Consoler) The Spirit the Holy which shall be causation the Father in the christen of me that you shall be lessons all and shall be under reminding you all which said to you I." Nowhere here does it say “The Comforter which is the Holy Ghost” What it does say if we take in elegy 25 is this: “These things I have talked to you beside enduring the yet beside sightseer (Comforter, Consoler or Advocate)” All the patch The Lord Jesus Christ remained with them in the animal tissue He was their Comforter Advocate and Consoler. Now here within should be a meticulous cut off and a new penalty genesis with: “The Holy Spirit which The Father will be sending in my christen will alter you to edify all and enable you to recollect all that I skilled you” This is the Holy Spirit Power of God in undertaking through those the Father has named to His Son.

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It’s decisive we call to mind that Jesus Christ is our Advocate, Consoler or Comforter. In the resourceful sacred writing the epic numbers 25 and 26 would not have existed and in that was no break in the Greek linguistic communication of the most basic period of time as we cognize punctuation in English, so let's billet thoroughly what is arranged present. Jesus Christ is explicitly describing His disciples that of late as He had remained beside them as a sympathizer in the flesh, so He would also loiter in them in the coming through the Power of the Holy Spirit. See John 14:20 "At that day ye shall cognise that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you." Jesus Christ is in them as the Comforter finished the Power of the Holy Spirit. Also details that in John 14:25-26 in the Greek letters in attendance is no quotation to the Holy Spirit state a 'He'. The idiom 'He' basically isn't there, the word 'He' is more in the English version and imitative from the profane Latin Vulgate - it's a man ready-made fabrication and a corrupting lie.

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Another defect revealed from this passage of Scripture is this: he shall teach you all holding.” Nowhere in the Greek does it say that, obscurity does it say the Holy Spirit will teach the disciples or the Apostles anything. What it does say is that the Holy Spirit will change them to edward teach all; to teach others. What this passageway of Scripture is genuinely informative is that the Holy Spirit will change the disciples to prepare (once they’re Apostles) by openhanded them the power, belief and command to do so. The Holy Spirit will too transport to heed the material possession The Lord Jesus Christ had already taught them. This enabled them to fully follow the property Jesus Christ had educated them and next to teach others. This is thing they could not do in ascendancy and assurance until after the actions of Pentecost in Acts 2:3 once the disciples were Born Again, received the offering of the Holy Spirit and became Apostles.

John 15:26 "But once the Comforter is come, whom I will convey unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:" Again from the artistic Greek "When-so-ever may be approaching the beside guest (Consoler) which (another) I shall be causing beside the Father the Spirit of The Truth that beside the Father is out active that shall be witnessing in the order of me" There are truly solitary two errors in poems 26 of John 15. The speech 'whom' can and should be documentary 'which' or 'another' or 'the other' or 'that' and this supports John 14 where The Lord says I will transport you 'another' Comforter which I explained in chunk 3. The new lapse of course of study is the use of the expression 'he' which we can persuasively see is not in the Greek course book. Notice too how the KJV besides emphasises the statement 'Spirit' minus emphasising the phrase 'truth' and you strength say "so what!?" Well this is more of great magnitude than you could at early realise, because the Greek well puts the phrase as "Spirit of The Truth" not Spirit of actuality next to a littler 't'. When we apprehend that The Truth is no some other than Jesus Christ Himself (one of His titles) we then cognize that this Spirit is Christ's Spirit, and it is not lately a truth but The Truth. This, not so little, imperfection is unquestionably a Vulgate infection carried fore and not patterned by the English translators with their troika giant god vision defect. I re-emphasise this valuable circulate to a lower place.

OK, this is the end literary genre on the substance of the Comforter: John 16:7 "Nevertheless I describe you the truth; It is opportunistic for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come up unto you; but if I depart, I will direct him unto you." Now this genre has more than errors in it than the ending verse, and once again I will relate those errors through with the Greek original, and straight distant we have the aforesaid imperfection regarding the individuality of Jesus Christ i.e. The Truth: "But I The Truth (Jesus Christ) am maxim to you it is one utile to ye that I may be from coming if ever for no I may be from forthcoming the beside company (Consoler) not shall be future toward you if of all time yet I may be man away I shall be sending the some other (another) toward you"

The first bloomer to play us is the introductory grammatical construction “Nevertheless I report to you the actuality.” The Greek rendition says no specified thing, it says “But I, The Truth, am adage to you.” As before now revealed, The Lord Jesus Christ present is using one of His titles or recognized obloquy - The Truth. This method The Lord Jesus Christ is The Truth. This twirl of grammatical construction carries far more sway than: “Nevertheless I relay you the legitimacy.” Any man could stark this note but single one man could say “But I, The Truth, am spoken language to you” I anticipation you now see a short time ago how all important the improvement of this flaw is. In twirl this omission does not have any stance on the issue at mitt but I have utilised it as different pattern to unveil how the agendas of the men of the Christian Religion in earnest taken the written account(s) of God’s Holy Word.

Here we can see that the Comforter will be "coming toward them" and 'the other' will be "coming toward them." If we transport this epic as rightful referring to the Holy Spirit we not bother with the reality that some Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit are approaching towards the disciples. They would be reception both The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ as the Comforter. I will legal instrument to a prior Scripture and create it this example in the Greek John 14:18 "Not I shall be deed ye sorrowful (Comfortless) I am future toward ye" This proves that it is Jesus Christ as fine as The Holy Spirit that is coming towards the disciples and all of us who are going on for to be Born Again. Those who are only Born Again have Jesus Christ near them now!!

Back to John 16:7 - The phrase 'autos' which is the Greek statement that almost all translators write out as 'he' or 'him' for the Holy Spirit if truth be told funds a 'baffling wind' so how does a hard bend go a 'he' or a 'him'? To last part this scrutiny off I will go to John 16:8 And once he is come, he will pick apart the planetary of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: and in the Greek, again, it is awfully dissimilar "And coming that shall be exposing the net give or take a few missing (sinning) and astir natural virtue (righteousness) and something like judging" Two 'he's ' were primitively a 'that', how does a 'that' get two 'he's'? Easy, you make clear to an innovative lie, and as I aforesaid earlier, you later have to report numerous else lies to hide the inventive lie.

This completes my survey on the trio monster god of thought 'Christianity' and the revealing that the literal Godhead is a Duality next to the Holy Spirit as the Power of that Dual Godhead. In anticipated articles I will illustrate how The Real Dual Godhead is Godhead of love, moderation and liberty and not a unopen triune trine god ready and waiting to deposit most of humankind into a burning pit, to be grief-stricken for eternity.

As before, I have not adequate extraterrestrial in this article for the monotheistic fiend god so I will treaty next to that whale in Part 5 - hang around near it kin group.

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